Telescopic Cranes

  • Demag Ac 1600
  • Liebherr LTM 1400
  • Demag-AC-300 B
  • Grove 5175
  • Demag-395
  • KMK 5125 A
  • Luna A
  • Lieberr-1120 A
  • SANY-STC-750
  • Krupp 4070 A
  • Demag AC 155 A

Telescopic Cranes in India

We have a vast fleet of Telescopic cranes on hiring and selling in India. These cranes are favored for projects that require marching/movement as the crane can mobilize conveniently. We are one of the most trusted companies for sourcing Telescopic cranes on rent for your projects, as we ensure the cranes are properly maintained and are operated by highly skilled staff. Most of our Telescopic cranes in India are used for metro and railway projects in collaboration with companies like DMRC, L&T and Pratibha. The present fleet of available Telescopic cranes on rent range from 40 – 650 metric tons in capacity.